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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Empowering Cancer Survivors

More people are surviving cancer than ever before thanks in part to advances in diagnosis and treatment. Today, there are more than 13 million cancer survivors in the United States. The LIVESTRONG Care Plan™, powered by Penn Medicine's OncoLink, is a powerful tool for cancer survivors. The plan provides guidance to survivors, their families and their healthcare providers on managing the medical and psychosocial issues that may arise following cancer treatment.

After surviving cancer, many patients and their loved ones want to learn more about cancer risk. The Mariann and Robert MacDonald Women’s Cancer Risk Evaluation Center and Penn’s Gastrointestinal (GI) Risk Evaluation Program provide patients with information about genetic risk, specialized screenings and personalized plans for reducing cancer risk. The comprehensive programs also offer opportunities to participate in clinical trials to advance the study of inherited risk of cancer.

Create a LIVESTRONG Care Plan powered by Penn Medicine's OncoLink
Mariann and Robert MacDonald Women’s Cancer Risk Evaluation Center
Penn’s Gastrointestinal (GI) Risk Evaluation Program

Penn Cardiac Care Mercer Bucks: Keeping Women's Hearts Healthy

Nearly 500,000 women die of cardiovascular disease each year, according to the American Heart Association. To help women in the community stay heart-healthy and defy this statistic, Penn Cardiac Care Mercer Bucks offers the Women’s Heart Health Program. Dedicated to the unique heart health needs of women, the program provides free screening for cardiovascular disease, comprehensive risk assessment, risk management, cardiac diagnostic evaluation, ongoing education and individualized treatment plans designed to help women achieve healthy lifestyles. To schedule a free cardiovascular disease screening, please call 215-860-3344.

Learn more about the Women’s Heart Health Program at Mercer Bucks

HUP's Pups is a Hit

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s (HUP) new animal-assisted therapy program, HUP’s Pups, has been a hit with both patients and staff. Research shows patient interaction with animals offers physiological benefits including decreased heart rate and blood pressure. All animal volunteers at Penn Medicine and their handlers are certified by professional pet therapy organizations, including the Delta Society and Therapy Dogs International.

To learn more about the program or getting a dog certified, please contact Donna Griffith, director of volunteer services, at 215-662-2576.

Learn about additional volunteer opportunities
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